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The Mercedes S-Class has a long and impressive history, pushing the envelope of developing the upmost in luxury, comfort and technology. The sixth generation has been anticipated as the gem of the whole lineup but the company launched something supremely astonishing. This car’s surpassed all expectations and proved the «S is for Special» watchword to be true.

The Germans didn’t take risks changing the classic body of the vehicle. That said, they’ve just confined themselves to replacing all traditional lights with the LEDs.

There are 37 different S-Class versions but each of them offers an enticing embrace of refinement which can be supplemented with numerous options to your heart’s content. How about a mobile SPA right on the spot? All you need is the suitable fragrance dispersing through the ventilation, relaxing music flowing from the upgraded Burmester stereo and a «hot stone» massage mode on. Perhaps, you’d like to stretch yourself out at the back seat and watch films, or play games on the TFT screen. Well, no problem, there is even a footrest popping up and posh headphones hiding next to your hand. Such roominess is due to the long wheelbase of the car and if it’s not enough, you can go for «the extra-long» option. Should we say that this limo sports the finest leather and wood veneer? Life is definitely good at the seats of the Mercedes S-Class.

Meanwhile, you hear no sounds from the outside. The car is almost whisper-quiet and that is amazing because it has a mighty engine, choice of which runs the gamut from a 3.0-litre V6 diesel to a 5.5-litre bi-turbo. The 7-speed automatic gearbox along with the standard air suspension ensure the ride is as smooth as it can be in a high-tech vehicle. Mercedes thought of safety as well - there are 8 air bags, handy 360 view cameras all around, drowsiness detection system, and the like. The optional driver aids include advanced cruise control, lane-keeping assistance and Magic Body Control.

In fact, the prices vary from €76,500 up to €205,000; even the lower figure can’t be marked as a cheap one. Obviously, this is Mercedes’ supreme class of the cars, thus spending a fortune on unbeatably comfy and splendid vehicle is worth it.

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