Mercedes-Benz G class


The Mercedes G class, which has gained big popularity in the modern world manufactured since 1979 till present. At the moment, there are many different versions of the Mercedes Gelandewagen.
For example, company has special versions such as:
- G 500 Edition 30
-Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6

One of the latest versions of this G class is G65 AMG 6 L and 612 hp which is available from 2012.

Mercedes-Benz G-class video review

Mercedes-Benz G-class is a unique combination of utility, luxury, status, capability and history. The G-wagon was originally built due to a request from the Shah of Iran for a military vehicle that could go anywhere and offered as a civilian version in 1979. The shape hasn’t really changed for 40 years; of course, it’s a little bit modernized with bi-xenon headlights and LED running lights but the overall look is still square and sharp.

Mercedes-Benz is good for buying or putting in many things because of its great trunk storage. Not only is it wide but also tall enough, so you can put anything into it. The inside interior is rigged with cup holders; the seats are heated and very comfortable. The car has enough space for tall people. Therefore, it is convenient for a daily use.

When it comes to its riding, it is unwieldy, hard and rough, even though you get used to it in time.

Therefore, although the ride is harsh, the steering is difficult and it looks like a box in its design, Mercedes-Benz G-class is reliable and elaborated vehicle.

2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Class: Review

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