Mercedes-AMG GT 18+ (months)


Which kid wouldn’t want to get behind the wheel of the cool car, just like their parents? Merc took into consideration the desire of the little ones and launched the cutest Bobby-AMG GT – a supercar in mini size.

Mercedes-AMG GT 18+ (months)

Obviously, there is no engine and, furthermore, it can’t boast of any tech specs. All you can linger on is the body, steering wheel and the wheels. It’s supposed that the child seats on and pushes it forward with their feet but other driving positions are possible, too By the way, the color is even more interesting than that of a full-size car – metallic grey with a red seat and bright yellow with a black one.

Mercedes-AMG GT 18+ (months)

Mercedes approached the safety issue with responsibility: children wouldn’t be able to speed on this thing due to the wheels design, whereas the tires are made to have a firm grip on slippery surfaces. On top of that, the minimum age for the test drivers is 18 months and above.

Merc clearly counts on involvement of the youngest audience as well. We see that it has good chances.


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