Land Rover Defender

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Land Rover Defender is slow, uncomfortable and definitely not so pretty. Yet for over 60 years it has been cruising through the toughest off-road routes; it has been to places where other vehicles are not so brave to get to. This monster left production in 2016 but it’s safe to say that the Defender will never be forgotten.

Comparing with 1948 original version, all Defenders are only cautiously different, in respect of the interior design and engine. In 07 edition you’ll find an all-new dashboard, centralized heat controls and updated heating system that obviously don’t add much to cosiness. The engine has been changed to 120bhp V4 diesel that pushes this 4x4 to 60mph in more than 15 seconds. As mentioned above, the car always comes with the lack of comfort and speed coupled with one more important feature – its behavior on and off the road.

Is there a muddy, buggy lake or a steep rocky hill in front of you? You need to survive the Apocalypse? The Defender’s reaction would be like - oh, friend, I’ll tackle that!

It makes you long for the adventure. It makes you feel that you’d go through fire and water. Thus it will always be the best choice for a true off-road vehicle.

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