Jaguar XKSS is Rising From the Ashes


Back into the good old days of Jaguar D-Type – a three times winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans… With 54 roadsters built overall, only 29 had a chance to serve a noble purpose of racing on the numerous tracks and picking up podium places. After the vehicle’s withdrawal in 1956, 25 unsold were to be transformed into road-going XKSS but, unfortunately, 9 of them didn’t make it as the items were killed off by the plant fire.

Today we finally got two pieces of news: a thrilling one says the company sets about reconstructing these remaining in history; not so rosy one reports that they are already snapped up at a price of $1,000,000. Anyway, it doesn’t keep us from enjoying the forthcoming masterpiece.

Jaguar XKSS is Rising From the Ashes

Every part of Jaguar XKSS will be recreated according to the original sibling, right down to the nameplate. The car will be equipped with the authentic 3.4-litre D-Type straight six cylinder of 262 breaking horsepower.

Jaguar XKSS is Rising From the Ashes

Well, what’s your opinion of this million dollar baby?


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