Ford Fiesta 2017 That Will Suit Everyone


Ford infinitely respects its many customers and tactfully listens to their wishes. On the buyers part, they genuinely love the company’s cars, purchasing millions of them a year, and don’t want to be shaken up by any radical changes in favorite vehicles. Ford Fiesta is one of such beloved products so the new 7th generation gladdens the eye as before.

Ford Fiesta 2017 That Will Suit Everyone

Externally, the popular hatch just did with a reasonable facelift, growing up in size and swapping vertically oriented taillights with horizontal ones. But the company expanded the range of trims so this gen can be called an all-new. Overall, the automotive audience is provided with 4 versions:

- the standard Titanium offering plain design that so much of the Ford’s customers are fond of;

Ford Fiesta 2017 That Will Suit Everyone

- the ST-Line that stands out with mild stylistic changes in compliance with its sporty status;

Ford Fiesta 2017 That Will Suit Everyone

- the upmarket Vignale that presents a range-topping Fiesta with the highest price tag;

Ford Fiesta 2017 That Will Suit Everyone

- the SUV-styled Active that obtained a higher clearance, roof bars and layer of plastic on the perimeter to make it offroad-ish.

Ford Fiesta 2017 That Will Suit Everyone

Internally, the main notability is 8-inch floating screen of the updated SYNC3 infotainment system boasting a raft of advanced features. On top of that, the Fiesta is literally stuffed up with technological goodies like blind-spot detection, pedestrian recognition braking, lane keeping assist, automatic parking assist, and active cruise control.

Ford Fiesta 2017 That Will Suit Everyone

Engine-wise, you can opt for 1.0-litre petrol of 100-140bhp or 1.1-litre with 70-80 horsepower. In case you are a pragmatic driver, 1.0-litre diesel TDCi able of 85 and 120bhp will be the go-to choice.

The full revelation is planned to take place in the next summer and so is the price together with other concrete details.


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