bmw x4 Concept


BMW x4 first ever concept

This is the first-ever BMW x4 and one thing is for sure you're

going to attract a lot of attention no matter where you go so let's explore

this new BMW X series by taking a closer look at the design the engines and let's listen to the

sound this new car like the BMW x4. Is technically based on the x3 but the

exporters really different when it comes to design and driving dynamics especially this one

with the optional and Sport Package that just have a look

at the coop like roof line for example or the sick the

line which has been split it here to create a distinctive.


BMW x4 looks powerful and it is powerful as BMW offers from high performance engines that range from 135 2 230 kilowatts

a summer these engines are new diesel engines that are introduced and our BMW x4 here has a3 liter inline six-cylinder TwinPower

Turbo petrol engine with 225 people what's and 400 new news now to bring this power to the street export is equipped with BMW launch control

as a standard but what you haven't heard yet is the powerful sound.

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