Audi’s RS3 and Q5 for Paris


Paris Motor Show helped the new Audi cars to make their debut. The whole world is contemplating a compact yet powerful sedan and a huge but less bhp-packed SUV. Simply put, RS3 vs. Q5. Which one of them deserves a spot outside your house?

The RS3 saloon version was quite expected following the RS3 hatch. Nevertheless, what makes it unexpected is the power – this model boasts 400bhp and 354lb ft of torque, enough for the car’s 4.1 seconds sprint to 60mph and 174mph top speed. Thanks to the all-wheel drive and 2.5-litre V5 – actually, the most powerful five-pot on the market – mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The sedan wears 370mm discs, has the good old grill with the four rings and got the leather sport seats. Everything is in the usual Audi style. Anyway, the RS3 will be able to drive on the roads of the USA and China only; the date of its release at the European market is unclear.

Audi’s RS3 and Q5 for Paris

Given the popularity of the Q5, the designers decided to play it safe and followed the same recipe: the first-gen car plus a few features of the Q7 equals the new Audi Q5. There is a blizzard of optional extras. On the inside you may choose from the advanced multimedia system, massage seats, 3-zone climate control or the in-car 4G WiFi. For the better handling, you can add the self-leveling air suspension, matrix LED headlights and navigation system. As for the engine, you would go for 3.0-litre diesel with 286bhp, 2.0-litre diesels, and the petrol V4 with 252bhp. Well, assemble the car on your own.

Audi’s RS3 and Q5 for Paris

What exactly do you think can turn the scale in the one or another car’s favor – power or design?


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